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Purpose-built totes, both fun and chic.

In 2008 Maggie Mather launched our classic Tennis Tote in two colors. Since then, Maggie Mather, with each new design, has paired color and femininity with function and style. Maggie Mather is now excited to introduce prints and expand our range into totes that move beyond the court. With padded interior sections, cross-body strap options, and durable fabrics, Maggie Mather wants to meet your court, sport, shop, work, and mom needs.

Dear Friends, We thought of you at the court, at the gym, at the park, at the market, at the airport, and we designed bags to meet your needs. Browse our bags. We know you will find something to love. XOXO, Maggie Mather

4.5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

People love all the pockets, the sturdy yet light fabric, the comfort of wearing and carrying the bag, and the colors!

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Utilitarian, yet chic. That is what we strive for in Maggie Mather products.

Mix and Match

Different bags for different uses, and yet the Extra Bag fits in all our bags or can clip onto anything!



Tennis anyone?


Work+Play = Make daily life chic again

Snap on an extra bag and go, Go, GO!

Mini T Tote Purchaser Review

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to receive my new bag. I have been using a larger size for tennis for over 4 years, and it's been great - still fun great shape, after being used 3-4x/week for 4 years plus. ...when I saw this smaller bag I knew I had to get one for my pickleball stuff. I'm also planning to play paddle ball tennis, so this will really come in handy. I really like the exterior pockets, which give me room to carry balls and drinks. Thanks for a great product."  - C

Tennis Tote Purchaser Review

"My tennis friends have this bag and I loved it. Just loaded mine up with all my tennis supplies and there is room for everything. With the racquet in the pocket the bag fits comfortably on my shoulder. When you lean over it stays in place. I just love it. So much easier to handle than a tennis backpack. Streamlined but with lots of room." - H

What fits in the Tennis tote


Two tennis racquets in the side racquet pocket. Water bottle in the lower pocket. Ball cannister in the other lower pocket. Energy bar in each of the front two pockets. Your keys and wallet in the zippered back pocket.


Shoes, hat, sunglasses, cell phone (inside the smaller Extra Bag - of course), a banana, a light jacket, a make-up bag, and a magazine.

What fits in the Mini T-Tote

Everything that fit in the Tennis Tote - but the Mini T-Tote is intended for pickleball, as opposed to tennis. Also, those players who who have smaller tennis racquets might prefer the Mini T-Tote.